Our Design Build Remodeling Process

Step 1. Let’s talk about it. (No Cost)

We like to approach things in terms of solving problems. What’s wrong with your house? It’s not large enough, it doesn’t flow properly, or perhaps the kitchen and bathrooms are simply outdated…tell us your problems, we are good listeners.

Step 2. Lets meet and talk some more. (No Cost)

If it looks like we can help, Howard Kandel will meet with you at your home to listen some more, tour the property, and offer broad conceptual solutions. You will discuss wants, needs, timing, and budget ranges. If he feels we can help, he will explain the process of our "Dream Study & Reality Check" otherwise known as a Feasibility Study.

Step 3. "Dream Study and Reality Check" (cost -approx. 1-2% of budget or $500-$5,000)

During this phase we will provide you with all the information you need to make an intelligent decision about the projects' viability.

It includes the following:

  • Measure existing spaces and create “as-built” drawings on our powerful computer software
  • Take tons of digital photos
  • Create concept floor plans and elevations
  • Create photo realistic interior views showing exactly what you will be seeing
    (see virtual remodeling for more)
  • Create scope of work list, detailing all work needed to complete the project. Identify and investigate potential issues such as zoning, structural, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and integration to adjacent areas
  • Prepare preliminary budget report based on above assumptions

Step 4. By focusing on the details, we reduce the risk of making design mistakes, and save time and money due to change orders.

This phase includes the following:

  • Using our computer modeling software, we will completely build every detail of your project on the screen first. You will be able to see every view, from every angle, and even walk through the spaces. We can refine details like colors, textures, and materials. This is when we focus on the details
  • Play with window styles and sizes, flooring, even furniture and lighting
  • Refine, revise and create detailed plans for permit and construction
  • Provide assistance in making selections of products, materials, and finishes
  • Conduct site reviews with all craftsmen, trades, and engineers to ensure best pricing and minimize surprises during construction
  • Procure best pricing from suppliers for all materials to be used for project
  • Prepare detailed cost summary, specification summary, and contract

Step 5. Construction (cost -actual contract amount)

  • Provide fixed price contract, including start and finish dates
  • Arrange for all county inspections and any other obligations for permitting
  • Provide on-site supervision throughout construction
  • Provide regular site visits with project manager
  • Provide comprehensive dust and finish protection plan
  • Assist in establishing temporary kitchens, storage, and other amenities to help make the process more enjoyable and less stressful
  • Provide expert skilled craftsmanship for every phase of construction
  • Provide for inspections by engineers for additional quality control

Provide whatever assistance is necessary to ensure you and your family are satisfied with the final product, and remain safe and sane throughout the project.

"You had brilliant, practical ideas, and your team executed them." -Carol and Gary Berman,
"Your project will be in good hands from start to finish." -Jackie Meltzer,
"The attention to detail far exceeded our expectations." -Carolyn Lerner,
Chevy Chase